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A fresh take on South American cuisine. Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere where culture and food blend together.

In South America, food is more than just a source of nourishment. It is a gathering point. A reason to celebrate. A history maker.

Food is the common thread in a cultural tapestry woven for thousands of years by African, American Indian, Asian,and European influences. At Nazca Kitchen, our menu is a diverse and refined selection of authentic South American dishes. From roasted chicken and fresh ceviches, to acai breakfast bowls and specialty coffee blends, Nazca Kitchen is a fresh take on the traditional cuisine that has defined South America's history. And with every bite, you'll find that it is a history worth repeating. Learn more here ›

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Recently voted one of the "Hottest Restaurants in Dallas Right Now, May 2017" by Eater Dallas! "Once a well-kept secret in North Dallas, this health-focused Peruvian eatery has made a splashy debut in Uptown. Starters like ceviche and aji amarillo hummus are a must, then segue into heartier fare like a panko-crusted avocado stuffed with a bounty of seafood."
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