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In South America, food is more than just a source of nourishment. It is a gathering point. A reason to celebrate. A history maker.

In South America, food is the common thread in a cultural tapestry woven for thousands of years by African, American Indian, Asian,and European influences. At Nazca Kitchen, our menu is a diverse and refined selection of authentic South American dishes. From roasted chicken and fresh ceviches, to acai breakfast bowls and specialty coffee blends, Nazca Kitchen is a fresh take on the traditional cuisine that has defined South America's history. And with every bite, you'll find that it is a history worth repeating.


In true South American tradition, Nazca Kitchen recipes call for only the freshest of ingredients -- ingredients that are locally and sustainably grown, and brought right to our kitchen by the very hands that picked them.


Our name comes from a unique, agricultural civilization that once flourished along the southern coast of Peru. The Nazca culture was known not only for their exquisitely crafted textiles and polychromatic pottery, but also their impressive system of aqueducts that after more than 1,000 years, is still in use today. Though environmental factors brought an end to the Nazca civilization, at Nazca Kitchen we continue the ancient tradition of fresh-picked ingredients, rich flavors, and authentic dishes so savory, you'll see why we call it food for the gods.