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At Nazca Kitchen, we believe food should be more than just a source of nourishment.

It is a gathering point, a reason to celebrate and an artistic expression of fresh food. Our authentic take on South American cuisine will guide you on an exhilarating journey of sights, aromas and flavors.

Lunch and dinner selections include Nazca roasted chicken, fresh fish ceviches, baby kale salads, and Talon chicken wraps. Handcrafted sauces and unique ingredients such as aji amarillo, Jicama and rocoto peppers are the cornerstones of our Nazcan kitchen. Staples such as Argentinian style steak sandwiches, grilled Brazilian cheese, and quinoa salad are South American highlights also featured on our menu.

Creating a rich blend of taste, tradition and expression is our passion here at Nazca Kitchen. Whether dining in for lunch or dinner, or for brunch on the weekends, you are sure to experience dining you won’t soon forget. ¡Buen Provecho!